During this flu and cold season, contact Manna Farms for a package or two of the Piedmontese Organic Grass Fed Beef Bones.  The benefits of Beef Bone Broth are amazing!!  They are rich in minerals that support the immune system and contains healing compounds like collagen, glutamine, glycine, and proline.


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  These unique cattle have evolved over centuries in a pure environment and are, today, a truly efficient animal genetically designed to produce low-fat, tender beef.

The Piedmontese is the only cattle breed known to carry a specific gene that consistently reduces fat and increases tenderness in the beef. A true 
full-blood Piedmontese animal will carry 2 copies of this gene, while a crossbred may carry 1 copy of the gene. Here in North America, the Piedmontese influence gives us a choice in our beef fat content levels.

1-copy Piedmontese Beef will be significantly leaner than traditional beef, while the 2-copy Piedmontese Beef will be 


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Piedmontese Association(NAPA) 


Lean Tender Healthful Beef

" It's what you've been asking for!"

Thanks to a specific gene - a form of myostatin - natural to the Piedmontese breed, you can have all the nutritional benefits & flavor of beef that is healthful, low-fat, low in cholesterol & tender, every time...

Disclaimer - please be aware that the statistics reported in this brochure are indicative of tested samples only. NAPA does not guarantee that any or all Piedmontese beef products will meet the standards expressed in this brochure. NAPA has compiled accurate statistics and comparisons in this brochure, but 
can not claim or support other's claims that any Piedmontese beef product will equal these attributes.

For further information on the Piedmontese Breed & full test results contact:

The North American Piedmontese Association (NAPA)

PO Box 330 Valleyford, WA. USA 99036-0330 
Phone: 306-329-8600
Fax: 306-329-4444

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Piedmontese Beef Actually Cooks Faster!

Cooking Time is Reduced – A real asset in today's busy lifestyle. (Reduce cooking time by one-third to one-half, depending on personal preference)

The American Heart Association recommends

300mg (or less) of dietary cholesterol per day. One serving of Piedmontese 1-copy Beef amounts to 20% of this daily allowance. Nutrient Rich, a good source of EssentialFat ty Acids, low in Saturated Fats, Calories & Cholesterol - but Flavorful & Tender...

Piedmontese Beef ... Every Time.

As a weight percent of total fats, Piedmontese Beef has the highest amounts of the "good" Polyunsaturated Fats and the highest percentages of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids; for example, "DHA" - the brain food.

The Piedmontese breed is considered the "heart healthy" beef. This breed originates from Italy, and there are genetically superior genes that make this a better type of cattle. Some of the benefits of choosing Piedmontese beef over traditional beef include:


Today & Everyday

Beef continues its tradition as America's preferred meat. Studies prove there are significant differences in beef quality from the various cattle breeds. One breed carries a unique gene that consistently produces beef that is lean, tender, low in cholesterol & rich in Essential Fatty Acids - Piedmontese.


Piedmontese Beef has consistently proven in USDA studies to be more Tender Beef while also being the Leanest Beef of breeds compared. It is a genetic feature of the breed.

True Product Excellence

The Health Issues

Cholesterol, Calories, and Protein Content
(per 3.5 oz or 100g serving)

Traditional Beef* 68mg 245 18.50g
Bison* 79mg 177 29.45g
Chicken (skinless) 70mg 119 21.39g
Pork 72mg 275 16.74g
Swordfish 39mg 245 19.80g
Salmon 52mg 116 19.94g
Turkey (skinless) 73mg 110 22.32g
Burger King WhopperR** 85mg 660 29.00g
McDonalds Big Mac ** 85mg 560 26.00g
SubwayR Cold Cut TrioTM ** 47mg 374 19.00g
Piedmontese (1-copy) * 60mg 168 20.60 g
Piedmontese (2-copy) * 36mg 95 21.20g

* Beef, Bison & Piedmontese Beef from rib-sections. Traditional Beef raw1/4" trim; Pied 1-copy, raw 0 trim, Warren Analytical Lab; Pied 2-copy raw 0 trim, Industrial Lab. Co; Bison USDA NDB#17335; Comparison Source: USDA Handbook #8.
** 2001 circa data

Polyunsaturated Fats contain those "good" Essential Fatty Acids(EFA) that our bodies can not make, but must receive from our food. Essential Fatty Acids are known to improve disease resistance & overall health, nourish the brain, & may reduce cholesterol.

"For consumers concerned about the healthfulness of the lipids (fats) they consume, the Piedmontese 2-copy genotype produced the leanest product with lipids that were composed of the most beneficial fatty acid profile of the geno compared."

[Genotype Effects on Cholesterol and Fatty Acids...Rule, Rule, Short, Grings, MacNeil]