2 Rib Steaks       ~ 2 T-Bone Steaks

 2 Chuck Steaks   ~ 8 Cube Steaks

  (6 oz) Ground Chuck Patties

 4 lbs Ground Chuck      

 3 lbs Soup Bones

Dominic & Diana Marchese owner and operators of Manna Farms since 1976

Manna Farms

      Farmdale, Ohio

Piedmontese Grass Fed Beef Cattle


American Grass Fed Association Certified Beef  Non GMO Producer

Farmdale, Ohio  

Manna Farms has been around since 1976, thanks to owners Dominic & Diana Marchese. Starting off as a dairy farm, we've always used natural means of fertilizer for our pastures and hay fields. This led to us unknowingly selling the healthiest milk in the state since we never used any chemicals. In fact, we were organic before organic was cool.

Long Term Care

Did you know that to help meet the demand of beef in the 1940's, cattle were grain fed from birth until their 14 months slaughter? Or, that during this time a lot of people contracted heart issues and clogged arteries because of these grain-fed cattle? This helped to contribute to the opening of the Cleveland Clinic. Well, Manna Farms is turning back the clock to a time when people were healthier and ate food like God intended. Sure, you can buy cheaper beef then we offer, but you won't find healthier – guaranteed!

Manna Farms is a home for mothers
Our cattle are not just raised here, they are also born here! 
Do you know where your beef was born?

Dental Exams

Although we are no longer a dairy farm, we still refuse to use chemicals and pesticides in our organic grass-fed beef cattle. For this reason, our customers have come to know and trust us to have the healthiest beef available.

Today, Manna Farms consists of 250 acres, with over 50 cattle at any one time. Since we are a smaller operation, you can bet that the beef products we sell are the best available for many reasons. From breeding the crème de la crème of 
cattle to being an all-natural and truly organic facility, Manna Farms is the place you should choose for all of your beef-related needs.