If you are a restaurant thinking of offering a high end, strictly grass-fed naturally raised beef, give us a call today to find out more! 

The Piedmontese breed is considered the "heart healthy" beef. This breed originates from Italy, and there are genetically superior genes that make this a better type of cattle.

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2017 & 2018 

Calves and mothers

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs $3.50 a dozen

Our herd is on a 15 pasture rotation.  

Watch how excited they become when a new pasture is opened up! 


  Farmdale, Ohio is home to Manna Farms, where we provide the highest quality of grass-fed Piedmontese cattle in the state. Loaded with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, our customers benefit tremendously from our all-natural, organic beef.

Manna Farms is also a home for mothers.  
Our cattle are not just raised here, they are also born here! Do you know where your beef was born?

Many companies claim to be natural, but there are no requirements for foods claiming to be natural. Certified Organic is the only way to guarantee you are getting the top quality 100% Organic products! 

​Certified Organic Grass Fed Beef
​Farmdale, Ohio


Current restaurants serving our organic strictly grass-fed beef :

* Station Square Ristorante Youngstown, Ohio

Martinis Restaurant & Lounge ~ Ashtabula, Ohio

*Marotta's Lee Rd. in Cleveland Heights

* La Dolce Vita ~ Little Italy, Mayfield Rd. Cleveland, Ohio

Certified Organic  

Manna Farms has been in operation since 1976